Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership

Why Management and Leadership for (Internal) Entrepreneurs (EBCL-C)

Entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly important in the current working environment. This applies not only to people with their own business but also to the current manager. By encouraging entrepreneurship, solutions are thought more than in problems, employees get new sales opportunities and develop a culture of constant desire. All this to help the customer even better.

The EBC * L certificate, European Business Competence * License, is the European recognized certificate of business management. With this certificate, you demonstrate to possess the business-critical basic knowledge required for entrepreneurship. The EBC * L includes knowledge that is essential for business thinking and acting. The certificate has now taken place in and outside Europe as a recognized standard for business education focused on entrepreneurship. Many European companies have now chosen EBC * L as a standard for management training.

For whom

Employees, managers and managers who have successfully completed the EBCL-B, who want to further develop their entrepreneurial competencies.

The program

The level is high. It is not just about applying knowledge, but especially for developing integral entrepreneurship skills. You work on competencies related to vision development, keep learning, attitude, insight and skills. The portfolio plays a very important role. The training can be completed with an exam and an international certificate.

The following components will be part of the program (partly depending on personal intake):

Personnel Management;

Management skills);


Communication skills);

Entrepreneurial skills.


At the end of the training:

Do you have a look at your personal qualities and pitfalls as an entrepreneur?

Are you able to attract and retain customers;

Can you negotiate successfully;

Are you able to effectively manage a (small) business?

Are you excellently prepared for entrepreneurship?


The program will be concluded with an end-of-term exam. In this conversation, the student returns with the help of his / her portfolio, determines where he / she is now and looks forward to the future. In addition, the participants receive a Certificate of Management and Leadership Skills for (Internal) Entrepreneurs (EBCL-C). After your program, you will do the EBCL written exam for EBCL-C. EuroPort Business School provides further information on this.

Duration and training costs

The training is 12 days. One part of the day consists of the intake and 1 day part is reserved for the closing.

The training costs amount to € 2,350, -