Master in Business Administration (MBA)

The Master of Business Administration program at EuroPort Business School has been developed with the aim of providing first class, flexible Master programs to those with the ambition to fulfill a leading management role in the near future.

·         Duration: 1,5 year
·         Language: English
·         Level: Master of Business Administration
·         Branch: Business & management
·         Occupation: Finance manager, Account manager and Sales manager

Since 1st of September 2011, EuroPort Business School and VU School of Management started an intensive cooperation in the field of Academic courses. 

EPBS is providing its MBA program on the basis of the so-called “competency based education concept”. Students are developing knowledge, skills and competencies on a simultaneous (integrated) basis. This education concept is designed to fulfill the needs of the next generation executives and managers for whom a broad understanding of business, management and in-depth vision, are essential; ‘this concept distinguishes us from our competitors’.

By using a mixture of core and concentration modules, we ensure that our students are able to master the principles of business and management, while at the same time they are able to concentrate on an area of own interest. Upon fulfillment of the requirements they will be awarded an MBA degree with a concentration in:
1. Management
2. Marketing
3. Strategy, leadership and Entrepreneurship

Above all the EPBS MBA is a challenging, stimulating, enjoyable and a rich experience to all the individuals joining our Business School.

Program structure
The MBA program is comprised of mostly three credit courses (48 credits in total) and is divided into two groups. With rare exceptions, MBA participants are required to follow the course sequence as shown below.

1. The foundation course provide MBA participants with a solid academic foundation 
2. The concentration courses allow MBA participants the opportunity to develop further a specific area of interest.

MBA Foundation courses


Managerial Economics

3 credits

2 Finance and Accounting 3 credits

3 Production Management 3 credits

4 Organizational Behavior 3 credits

5 Management Theory 3 credits

6 Marketing Management 3 credits

7 Information Systems Technology 3 credits

  Total 21 credits

Concentration courses are designed to complete the undergraduate and Master’s requirements for each MBA participant.

MBA Concentration Course

1 Management

27 credits

2 Marketing

27 credits

3 Strategy, Leadership and Entrepreneurship

27 credits

  Total 48 credits

The duration of the MBA course is 18 months and participants must successfully complete all courses. The courses are assessed by means of both coursework and examination.

It is compulsory to write a thesis to finish the MBA program. The thesis should have a strategic analysis, a report that looks at a certain issue and gives well –founded solutions. The participant needs to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research. The thesis must give data and ascertain validity. The paper length is 25.000 words.

Participants may be exempted from the Foundation Courses based upon undergraduate major and courses taken at other learning institutes. The foundation Course provide essential tools for the Concentration Courses.

diagramAdmission requirements
Prerequisite for admission into the MBA program is a Bachelor degree representing 240 ECTS. Students have to prove that they are able to study in the English language; a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 is required for non – EU students. An intake assessment forms the final part of the selection process. Students have to prove that they have the motivation and are ready to make the effort to be successful during and after the course.

Enrolment into the program is possible throughout the year, however new groups will start twice a year; in September and in February. Groups will be of a size varying from 12 to 20 students.

The following admission requirements apply to the following academic courses:


Requested degree

Level of English (1)

Relevant working experience

MBA full-time

Bachelor degree



MBA full-time

Bachelor degree


Three years

(1) Requirement for international students

Intake assessment 
An intake assessment provides an insight into mutual expectations, both for the students and for EuroPort Business School. During this assessment we look at whether you are entitled to certain topic dispensations based on prior education or competencies gained elsewhere. We look at what motives you have to start this education in the first place. This ‘’selection at the gate’’ enables us to continue to guarantee the high quality of education it provides for all students and their environment.

Tuition fee
In the table you find the tuition fee. This fee does not include the study books. You can pay the tuition fee:

• In one amount at the start of the academic year
• In four installments

MBA full-time*

18 months

€ 19.500

MBA part-time

18 months

€ 17.500

* There is a possibility for a scholarship ad €4.500,- , granted by the Exam Board of EuroPort Business School. The process of the scholarship will be guided by our international staff members.

More information & application form
If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact EuroPort Business School.