Education concept

For ambitious students only
EuroPort Business School offers educations which require from our students an ambitious attitude. The educational programmes are composed intensively and ambitiously. Besides theoretical and practical competences, we focus on personal growth. EuroPort Business School aims at bringing out the best in our students.

Due to the intensive training programme, education at EuroPort Business School requires a high effort of het student during the training. That's why it's important to select students who can work and study at this required level. This level is tested during the intake-assessment, that each student has to enter. The exclusive character of the education is also expressed in het challenging and varied educational structure.

Excellence at EuroPort Business School is expressed in the school facilities, the innovative educational programmes and teachers with practical business experience.

EuroPort Business School stresses its international character. Frontiers are fading because of increasing contacts abroad. Producers, suppliers and clients focus on opening to internationally larger target groups and markets. Doing business in China offers many possibilities. China is a continent with an average economic growth of 10%.

Business life
EuroPort Business School has close relations with the largest and most important companies in business. Educational programmes are developed in cooperation with business life. EuroPort Business School also has partnerships with several renowned companies.