Curriculum Controler

Curriculum Controller

Due to the dynamics and current complexity of society through increasing competition and internationalization and through innovation of information systems, effective and flexible action is of great importance. Business management needs support from generalists with specialist specialization in financial and organizational matters: the controller.

The controller, which is the management sparring of the management or making it part of it, must give substance to their needs. Manage, evaluate, outsource detailed analyzes, information processing and periodic review for the controller's daily practice.

The controller keeps track of the company's movements and advises management in this regard. The Post-HBO Controller training her students to become an independent generalist professional with a helicopter view.

This practical training will familiarize the (future) controller with the knowledge and skills needed for the successful execution of the controller function.

Training and training duration

The program consists of 9 modulles with a total size of 40 days and is concluded with an exam. The duration of the education is approximately 18 months.

The program consists of the following modules:

Career Orientation Controller (3 day parts);

Strategic Managing & Organization (5 day parts);

Internal Control (5 days);

Management Accounting (5 days);

Business Intelligence (3 day parts);

Financial Management (5 days);

External Reporting (5 days);

Advise as second profession (4 days to 2 days);

Management Control (5 day parts);

Exam (based on Personal Management Letter).

The training will be strengthened with complementary guidance (six meetings of 2 hours). This guidance will consist of intervision and a combination of supervision and coaching. Intervision is a form of expertise promoting employees to call on colleagues to reflect on personal and job-related issues and bottlenecks from their own work situation. This does not happen by providing solutions but by asking questions so that, with the help of their own analytical and problem solving ability, they can understand the problem and how to handle it.

Admission requirements

For the program, the following prerequisites apply:

A rounded (financial) HBO degree program;

Minimally 2 years relevant work experience within the field of work and the field of study;

Academics with a relevant degree program can be exempted for certain modules.

Any deficiencies and exemptions are determined by the Examination Board.