Management 1

Why Practical Guidance for ICTs

Your success as a manager depends strongly on your personal performance. Formal authority is not a strong basis. It's about vision, tact and persuasive power. How do you lead a team of individuals? How do you create support for your ideas? In this training, under the guidance of an expert, you will find the professional skills that you can provide in an inspiring and effective way. You understand insight into your own skills, pitfalls and position as a leader and have tools to optimize your role.

For whom

You want to develop (further) in the field of management. At this time, you are guiding a team or doing this in the future.

The program

The following components will be part of the program (partly dependent on personal intake):

• Create support through targeted and effective communication (informing, negotiating, delegating, inspiring and consulting);

• Consultative forms;

• Leadership Leadership;

• Communication, social skills and influence;

• Managing and motivating individual employees;

• Managing groups and team building;

• Coaching and feedback;

• Conversational skills (eg bad news conversation);

• Leadership and change processes;

• Handle resistance;

• Effective timemanagement;

• Your personal leadership style;

• Deal with troublesome situations and dilemmas as a leader;

• Practical situations and examples;

• Personal Action Plan.


A personal intake takes place before this training takes place. This sets out your personal learning goals. In this interactive training the emphasis is placed on the different styles of leadership and the practical and effective application of these. You develop your conversational and social skills to coach and direct your employees optimally. Under the inspirational guidance of an experienced professional, you will learn to provide effective guidance in a natural way. You also conclude the training with a portfolio.


At the end of this trainig:

• Do you know the different styles of leadership and are you able to apply them?

• Do you know the principles of team-oriented leadership;

• Can you create support by communicating effectively;

• Can you motivate employees better by coaching purposefully?

• Have insight into your own skills, pitfalls and role as a leader.


The program will be concluded with an end-of-term exam. In this conversation, the student returns with the help of his / her portfolio, determines where he / she is now and looks forward to the future. In addition, the participants receive a Certificate Lead 1 for ICTs.

Duration and training costs

The training is 14 days. One part of the day consists of the intake and 1 day part is reserved for the closing.

The training costs amount to € 2,580, -