Business Administration for ICTs

Why Business Administration for ICTs

Business aspects are gaining increasing importance during your daily work. More and more you are thinking about issues that affect the entire company and its environment. You often make your choices intuitive, but you want to better support them. You think about how you can exercise more influence within your organization.

For whom

You think and work at hbo level or you have a completed bachelor's degree and have been working in the ICT industry for a number of years. You are well in your field and it is also recognized within the organization where you work. If this means in practice that you can not only be busy with the pursuit of your subject, but that there are also a lot of business issues to you, then this is the time to choose for the (post) HBO program Business Administration for ICTs.

The program

The Business Studies program for ICTs covers 18 days. Prior to the training, your personal learning goals and learning style will be mapped based on your intake. You will get started with the basic elements of business administration, such as Marketing Management, Financial Management, Management and Organization and Personnel Management. Based on your learning style and learning objectives and those of your fellow students, the program will be completed. The basis for this is the case of own cases and the practice of their own organization. You will review and analyze the entire organization and especially your own department.


You go through the different modules, work on casualty, make assignments and study literature, with your teachers being intensively supervised. Each module concludes with a short presentation, showing you the ability to translate the theory into your own organization. You are working on a number of business cases in which you apply the scholar from all program sections of the relevant block to a question from your own organization. The result of your business project presents you to the teacher (s), fellow participants and the client (s) within your own organization. You also close the education with a portfolio.


The program contributes decisively to the development of key management competencies:

• Provide complex issues from different business disciplines and integrate them in substance,

• Support the organization for strategic issues, organizational design and organizational change,

• Result-oriented management in a turbulent environment,

• Creating customer value, on its own and in strategic relationships and partnerships,

• Analyzing unstructured business problems; To synthesize and solve these in an integral business plan,

• From a reflective attitude, develop the own development process.


The program will be completed with a degree in Business Administration for ICTs.

Duration and training costs

The course consists of 18 days. One part of the day consists of the intake and 1 day part is reserved for the closing. The training costs are € 2580, - per participant (excluding VAT).